Film Oceans - documentaire de Jacques Perrin

Diver swims beside a White Shark

Oceans (French: Océans) is a 2009 French-American nature documentary film directed, produced, co-written, and narrated by Jacques Perrin, with Jacques Cluzaud as co-director. The film explores the marine species of Earth's five oceans and reflects on the negative aspects of human activity on the environment, with Perrin (Pierce Brosnan in English) providing narration.

Budgeted at around $80 million, it was filmed in over 50 different places and took four years to film. In North America, the film was distributed by Disney, who cut 20 minutes mostly depicting violent massacres of sea animals (recreated through visual effects) in order to aim it at a younger audience.

Oceans presents details and facts about the journey of the ocean. The film begins on a beach and there are boys and one of them wonders what the ocean is. The scene cuts to the Galapagos where a clan of marine iguanasand horseshoe crabs wander.

Then at night a rocket takes off and surprises the two clans. Meanwhile, the rocket takes off to outer space. Then goes to the trench where the larvae of sea urchin and the crustacean egg lie. Then comes to a swarm of moon jellyfish.

Then at day a different type of jellyfish float along the current. Later at the coast of South Africa, a hungry mob of common dolphins, gannets, bronze whaler sharks, and brydes whales hunt sardines. After the feast, manta raysgobble down a few sardines. moments later a blanket octopus swims quietly along the current. Meanwhile, the sardines start making odd shapes. At a beach sea lions rest in the sun. In deeper water, a humpback whale and her calf start to flipper slap, spyhop, and breach. Meanwhile, the sea lions start hunting. the others on the beach watch sally lightfoot crabs crawl on the sand. The hunting sea lions are returning home, but some are eaten by a great white shark and a killer whale. In the deeper waters, a blue whale feasts on some krill. At twilight, birds are flying back to their nests. At night carnivores are out to hunt on the reef including the mantis shrimp who kills a crab in the movie. In Australia, a Spanish dancer comes out of its home. At day, bottlenose dolphins are leaping on the waves. Meanwhile, a dugong and green sea turtle are feasting on sea grass (Egypt). On the beach, baby sea turtles have to make it to the ocean without being eaten by frigatebirds, which only one baby turtle survives. In the sea, sailfish are feasting on fish.

At a coral reef, creatures are minding their own business Beyond the reef a cuttlefish is eating crabs. After that, garden eels and razorfish act really smooth. After that, spider crabs start war. Meanwhile, humpback whales, blue whales, sunfish, blue sharks, sperm whales and whale sharks migrate. Then a bunch of spinner dolphins, yellowfin tuna, and manta rays swim for a long time. Far away, an Asian sheepshead wrasse is mating. Miles away, a sea otter is smashing clams. In Alaska, the humpback whales have made it to the feeding grounds. The scene cuts to netted sea animals including tuna, whale sharks, sailfish, sea turtles, and sunfish. Along the way the fishing boat has a hard time fighting the waves. Then a satellite shows the trash in the ocean. Underwater tons of trash is destroying a fur seal's home. The scene cuts to the 2 polar regions Arctic and Antarctica. Then divers are discovering the ocean, and one of them swims with a great white shark! At the end the narrator says we shouldn't ask what exactly is the ocean, we should ask what exactly are we.

Our team organized all the logistics of the troup.17 displaced persons, for 3 weeks, at the points more famous for shooting (Marsa Abu Dabbab) for dugong and turtles, (Sha'ab Samadai Dolphin-House) for the Spinner Dolphin and (Elphinstone Reef) for the filming of the oceanic shark and coral reef.

Our friend Didier Noirot was one of the underwater videographers, famous for his long career alongside Jaques Cousteau. For us it was one of the first big occasions, and it was truly a pleasure to work with all the staff of Galatee Film.

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