VISA AQUARIUM -Velvet media-

The new Visa campaign was realized through the partnership between the creative teams at TBWA/CHIAT/Day and director Matthias Zentner. Matthias was brought on board to direct and creative post-supervise the entire aquarium spot from start to finish. His vision for the commercial completely revised the original conception as he created a magical and fantastic underwater journey. The viewer at home is immediately dropped into this world through a young girls eyes, her fantastic imagination of flame-blowing seahorses and bio-luminescence jellyfish and kaleidoscope worlds consisting of fish and corals. Incredible and majestic creatures glide before our eyes. We travel from one world into the next, following tropical fishes swaying over the red corals of the sea bottom, creating graphical patterns of mantas in a way MC Escher worlds do, exploding into galaxies of vibrant colors of a pulsing life. Amazing creatures, silver or angel fishes, clown fishes and sea horses perform incredible choreography in wild patterns blending in their kaleidoscopic worlds. The process of shooting and finishing was a highly complicated process managed beautifully by the Zentner’s team of top-notch production professionals.

Jacques Yves Cousteaus former underwater DP, Didier Noirot was hired to facilitate any and all underwater shooting with his team. They used the underwater case Hydroflex with an Arri 435 on super 35 mm film. shooting underwater is a great challenge, it can take up to 5 times as long as shooting on ground. A lot depends on visibility, currency and weather condition underwater. The depth underwater gives you the exact planning for the amount of time and shots you can get, decompression time needs to be respected. That limits the amount of dives/shots per day. Zentner and his team shoot in cape town the aquarium scenes. The red sea in Egypt, Marsa Alam was decided to be the best location underwater for capturing all the many background water plates, fish, coral and general underwater architecture Zentner needed to complete the spot and engaging his own Munich production company velvet and producer Gustaf Richter for this underwater shooting. Simone Piccoli and his team organize all the logistic and give to us all the support to make this happened. All this shots were build as mix of real life shooting underwater, plates-hooting from aquariums and individual fish and a whole CGI world consisting of mantas, fusilier fish, jelly fish and sea angels. The challenge was to mix the cgi world into the real world and enhance the magic.

The result are one :30 and a :60 and perhaps adding a IMAX and and cinema version, supported with the mellow Moody Blues “Tuesday afternoon” tune and a soft voice-over of the magnificent Morgan Freeman.

Let's go to visit Matthias Zentner website!! Amazing!!

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